Creative Commons slim transparent banners

Creative Commons provides a set of licenses for you to publish your work in a way that lets others use it as freely as you're comfortable with. These banners are an easy drop-in way to signal that your work is CC licensed. Just copy and paste the HTML.

These banners are derived from Wikimedia Commons' Creative Commons icons: cc by nc nd pd sa 0. My derivatives below are licensed for use as Creative Commons by licensed.

Here is a PSD file with all of them. The CC icon is 16px; the rest are 14px w/ 2px inter-icon margin. The banners below are 16-bit grayscale PNGs with transparent background, 16px tall and 32px, 48px, or 64px wide.

Please don't hotlink to the images hosted on my server; copy 'em to yours. I won't stop you, but it wastes my bandwidth and makes your site load slower.


Icon License FAQs HTML
CC0 "No Rights Reserved" CC0 FAQ
Public Domain (read first) Public Domain FAQ
Attribution only Attribution FAQ
Attribution-ShareAlike ShareAlike FAQ
Attribution-NoDerivatives Derivatives FAQ
Attribution-NonCommercial NonCommercial FAQ