I'm happy to do interviews with members of the media, big or small, about any project I'm involved in. 1

Please email (preferred) or phone +1 510 394 4724 (if <24 hour deadline) and let me know your deadline and organization, and a pointer to your previous work. I will try to get in contact quickly. For secure communications, see my contact page.

My full legal name is just "Sai"; I'm mononymous. It's pronounced the same as "sigh". "saizai" is my handle, not my name.

Please do not use any title (e.g. "Mr.") and don't include "saizai" unless it's part of a reference (e.g. to my YouTube channel). If you need to clarify that I only have one name — though I don't think you do — please don't say I "go by" Sai or put quotes around my name. That's insulting, since that implies it's somehow not my "real" name.

Unless you're writing about something I've done in an official capacity, please leave my affiliations out. Journalists usually refer to me as a "privacy advocate", "security researcher", or the like (depending on what is relevant to the story), which suits me fine. ("Activist" makes me cringe.)

I appreciate having an opportunity to review any quotes, citations, or descriptions for accuracy, especially when they may require technical or legal precision. I have no interest in review of your opinion — just ensuring the facts are right.

Here's a high res photo you can use, so long as you give photo attribution:

  1. However, I do not want to be a public figure. Please don't go into my personal life.

Previous press

Stuff related to my work @ MYL has its own page. Please don't mix my personal & MYL roles; I keep them strictly separated.

  1. Note: "Emrys" is a surname that I used occasionally, pre 2011. Please do not use it currently; my full legal name is just "Sai".