CopCards Creative Commons by-nc-sa licensed

CopCards are a pair of simple, direct, credit card sized cards that serve to remind people of their legal rights interacting with police in the United States.

I've written a little manifesto for civil obedience that explains the philosophy behind these cards.

Prompt Card

The prompt card has everything you need to say to police — no more, no less. You should be able to simply read it verbatim and say nothing more than is on the card.

Front: Photoshop PSD - Large JPG

Back: Photoshop PSD - Large JPG

Reminder Card

The reminder card has some simple reminders of what to do (and not do) when interacting with police.

Front: Photoshop PSD - Large JPG

Back: Photoshop PSD - Large JPG


Coming soon!


I am publishing the digital versions here for free. These are the latest revision (#10 or so).

I license the files for free under CC by-nc-sa. If you reuse or publish, you must link to this page and credit me by name (Sai). You may sell prints of the cards at actual cost of printing, or for the sole benefit of a non-profit, so long as you contact me to confirm permission; you may not sell them in any other manner. You must share any modification of these cards under the same terms.

I give no warranty whatsoever about these cards. Use them at your own risk. I am not a lawyer and I am sure as hell not your lawyer. This is not legal advice.