Food 2015-01-16

Authored mainly by Alex & Brown, who keep better track of what I eat than I do

Things I do not eat

Some of these are for digestive reasons (D), some gustatory (G), some ethical (E). TTBOMK none are actual allergies, but 'digestive' means anything from cramps to diarrhea.

  • D alfredo sauce (and other things with heavy cream)
  • D apricots in any form
  • D cranberry juice
  • D cumin (and therefore e.g. curry)
  • D dried mango
  • D figs
  • D pine nuts (and therefore e.g. standard pesto)
  • DG coconut water, coconut flesh (but coconut milk is OK)
  • DG dried banana
  • DG fennel, anise, licorice, caraway (anything licorice-like)
  • DG horseradish
  • DG scones
  • DG vinegar as dominant flavor (exception: good in ice cream)
  • E anything with meat or meat products (including [regular] gelatin, rennet, fish, etc)
  • G almonds
  • G apple skin
  • G bagels without cream cheese
  • G celery
  • G cow milk (as a drink)
  • G eggs as dominant flavor
  • G raw carrots (for their texture)
  • G raw zucchini
  • G unsweetened tea
  • G white chocolate; much milk chocolate

Things I particularly enjoy

This is definitely neither exclusive nor mandatory: see it not as a list of restrictions but an "easy ways to make Sai happy" list. It is a work in progress.

  • unusual food, especially mixtures of sweet and savory and/or multiple textures / mouthfeels
  • fresh, whole blueberries (only whole; frozen or as flavoring is just OK)
  • dark chocolate (especially as shaved hot chocolate)
  • strong ginger beer (e.g. Blenheim red cap)
  • fresh peaches & nectarines (with pits removed)
  • grilled cheese sandwiches
  • bagels with cream cheese
  • syrok
  • kunāfah
  • gnocchi
  • cilantro