Always, not forever 2005-01-07 - 2005-05-29


... and it's always been like this
or so it seems sometimes.
Old lovers when we met
so simple it was.

... and it's always been like this
comfortable and warm,
with each new remembering
and still not over it yet.

... and it's always been like this;
How long ago did we meet?
So strange, to meet those you knew.
Always, not forever.


... and so it was, for a year,
a joyous summer, with love always near,
to draw ever closer
as first we began.

... but forever, too, has its end,
and paths entwined, part and wend
perhaps to meet again someday
to always be as was last May.

... and still, there is joy,
and love as before
as ever there shall be
if not evermore.

A poem for Audrey.