Empath sight 2002-03-29

Without these lenses, the world grows dull
and blurriness can almost lull
for eyes can't focus all that long;
and finally lapse to internal song.

Yet even so, much more I see
than ever such mere orbs bring me:
I've glimpsed the souls of those I love,
a sight unseen by those above.

I've seen through flesh, through bluff and pall
unmasked were those who hid from all:
should I but choose, no bluster hides
that which dwells beyond your eyes.

A power, this; a talent, yea;
a gift even, or blessing... paid.
For truly is it said by some
that blessed are those in blindness come.

They do not know the pain of man,
the sadness of the also-ran;
they cannot feel the other planes
nor reach into the hearts of shame.

Yet also are we blessed, we few
for who but us can say it true
that they have seen the truth of love,
the song unheard, the bliss thereof?