Empathy 2001-09-19

I feel my breath upon your face
and reaching out, through strong embrace
feel solace, as layers lift and fears
are washed away by our tears.

I look in your eyes, and see
reflection of the need in me.
Longer, and through the dark:
a deep connection, veiled in mist,
ungraspable, yet still clear.

So fragile, this, and yet so strong
it cuts through walls I've had so long
to places that my mind has shunned
and warms them as the dawning sun.

Weak, yet even more
a power rarely felt before:
faded memory of time long past
when every thought seemed so fast
and I knew not this sadness.

So many years I'd longed for this...
a gentle peace, a calming bliss
and feeling as I touch your skin
as if it were my own, within.

Alas, one wall remains, and not yet breached;
for I do know, were that point reached,
that pain would break the peace.

Perhaps, in time, I can entrust
such sorrow, for fall it must...
alone, it shall, and I beneath.