Homes 2007-04-15

Mo chroi, mo rún, you sang to me
with ducks and lake around us,
the dappled sunlight warm as we
weaved home of words and music

A park: the wind stirred gryphon wings
at first, when life was simpler
we shared a cloak, a love, a hope
compersive then as ever

A windy silence needs no word -
just sunset reds and moonlight
A rock, a friend, a sip or three;
we were a cloud-sea island

With hands enlaced, we sat and talked,
your heartbeat strong and soothing;
a forehead kiss, a cheek caress,
and quiet breaths, but deep ones

Another party, up 'till 2
... or 3, or 5, discussing
what magic brings, what colors sing:
red lights, warm home, and skulls' dance

A long good ride, we found ourselves
atop another mountain
a hard cold climb but ah, to see
the world laid out below us

Quick wit and wisdom, charming mind
mere 12k klicks between us
a renga chat - in voices that
are hard to just hang up on

To you, my homes, I give my thanks
for times of rest and friendship
I know not where our path will lead -
just glad that you are on it.