The calm 2003-03-09 - 2005-11-17

Awakening 2005-10-26

The first time was like a waking dream
an echo of some unknown call.
Sudden shock of flowing life
drew him to climb ever higher.

Years went by, and still the path
was new with every passing;
horizon ever past some crest
reflected in the shadows every dawn.

Alchemy 2003-03-09

Silently he walked up to the edge
the old familiar razor walk
Calloused stride along the crest
watching the red-tinged sky beyond.

Bare feet walked a few more steps
and nothing more was seen
The air was still, the clifftop bare,
with echoes of a song upon the air.

Memory 2005-10-15

Blood-flecked wings reach out anew
caressed by the cold wind
Sweep under the horizon's shade
far above the valley below.

A call then sounds, a song of mourning
resounding through the quieting night
The hilltop answers, knowing;
singing an old familiar song of joy.

Peace 2005-11-17

The last time was so long ago
and such a different way of life
Jagged edges, sweeping lulls
happening *to*, and to someone else.

Brilliantly, it comes again
swiftly suffusing, warm thick cloak
waiting just beneath the skin
daily bright'ning, silver-green torch of calm.

2005-11-17: ... there should also be an alternate ending, I think. Of forgetting and becoming mortal again. Of not singing one's song in so long that it seems like someone else's when heard whispered in the wind.

2005-10-26: Added another to the series, and subtitles as well. Again, this poem is unusually difficult to find the words for; usually they just come, fully-formed; with this, I have to think more. I think it still manages to work on most levels, and adds one or two more readings. I'm pleased with it; probably my best work to date. Which, granted, isn't saying all that much. :-P

Credit this time to Jim Herriot, for pointing out that there was more to it.

2005-10-15: The meter, this time, is intentional reflection. The new part is somewhat more visual in imagery - more directly tied to the more literal reading of the old part - but I believe it works for its other readings as well.

This has been brewing for a while now, but thanks to Char & Rachel for its catalyzing.

2003-03-09: I rarely have to struggle to find the right words, the right image even. I think I got it right, though.

The poem is meant to be subtly multilayered enough to contain different meanings depending on your reading of it... an effect I often try for, but am starting to get better at. A few personal references scattered in as always, but not ones you're likely to notice unless you were personally involved.

It's also more towards meeting feel than rhyme, something I have been a bit too heavy with before.

My thanks to Autumn Tyr-Salvia for the very appropriate title.