The winding road 2002-10-28

'Twas nigh unto a year ago, and seems much longer still
when you and I went upon a walk along a hill.
We laughed and stopped and talked a while
of thoughts and dreams and how to smile.

For in those days, I knew not how;
and dared not even hope allow...
yet sitting there, I felt at peace
and rested as I'd not in weeks.

Alas, times changed, as oft they did,
but even there a gift was hid.
I learned two truths about the mind
to hold at bay the times unkind.

First - a memory is strong, if fed.
No matter how astray I tread
a warming is meal is close at hand
to soothe the aches and help me stand.

The second, though, is hard to grasp:
one needs not move, a friend to clasp.
Just reach with heart and eyes and mind,
and watch when they respond in kind.

So let us walk that hill again;
I wonder where this time 't will wend.
Come, walk with me another mile;
I'd like to sit and share our minds awhile.