Privacy Protection Act stickers

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The Privacy Protection Act (PPA) is a US law that prohibits ordinary law enforcement searches of materials intended for public dissemination, e.g. by citizen-journalists.

However, in order for you to have the protection of the Act, the person wanting to search your items has to know that they contain materials intended for publication.

So here's a simple solution: stickers you can use to easily label your notebooks, computer, smartphone, etc.

If you want to learn more, read EPIC's site about the Privacy Protection Act.

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Go to the "privacy protection act stickers" collection and pick what you like.

There are two basic designs (tailored to each size and shape):



… and they're available in the following shapes & sizes, with both black and white options:

  • Label: 0.75x2.25"
  • Rectangle: 4.5x2.7"
  • Square: 3x3"
  • Large circle: 3" dia.
  • Small circle: 1.5" dia.

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