Welcome; sorry you're here. I hope you got something good out of the 28C3 panel on depression.

I'd like to highlight a few contacts for you:

If you'd like to contact the panelists, they are:

If you want to talk, you can contact any of the above. Whatever you're going through, at least some of us have been through the same shit in our own lives; you're not alone.

This is a bit of a placeholder page; I'm sorry it's so basic right now. What I would like to create is a website where people can just enter a few bits of data (zip / location, desired name, age, and any special categories like queer, veteran, etc) and get immediately connected to the right resource. It's not ready yet, though. I'm compiling a large spreadsheet of suicide/depression hotlines.

If you'd like to help, please fill it out further and call the listings to verify that the information is correct. If you're a mobile app developer, please email me; I'd like to make it an instant-connect app, but I lack the skills, as I mainly do web dev.

See also: