Sai v. TSA et al., No. 1:15-cv-13308 (D. MA.) [BOS]

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Filed 2015-09-04, this case brings a wide range of civil rights claims against TSA, individual TSA agents, and Massport police stemming from my abuse at BOS airport (under Bivens/§1983, Rehabilitation Act, 1st & 4th amendment, etc).

The BDOs selected me because I was mute and wearing a satirical shirt; they screened me for ~40m looking almost exclusively at my prescription labels, notes, checkbook, books, etc; they ripped paper out of my hands (literally depriving me of speech) in admitted retaliation for my protesting the illegality of their search and refusing to answer questions.

The admission can be found both in the BDOs' notes and TSA's formal response to my complaint & appeal.

Evidence highlights:

Status: Court denied my motion for IFP privacy. On hold entirely, pending appeal of that denial.


  1. Denied my motions for IFP privacy, appointment / fee waiver under 42 USC 2000a3(a), CM/ECF, and clarification. All denied (minute orders, ECF No. 7, 9, & 11) without any explanation at all.


  1. Complaint (complaint [not yet served, pending collateral appeal on IFP issue])

Next update: Probably in a few months, once the IFP appeal is resolved and I can ask for appointment of counsel without violating my privacy.