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  1. Incidentally, this gives me Erdős number 3 - my coauthor Alex Fink wrote 4x (2x 2nd kind) w/ Richard K Guy, who wrote 4x w/ Erdős (also 2x 2nd kind).

    My Bacon number is 3. I'm in the documentary Conlanging with Britton Watkins, Christine Schreyer, David Salo, Marc Okrand, and Paul Frommer, all of whom have Bacon number 2 (if allowing TV). Paul Frommer also has movie-only Bacon number 3 through Senn, made by Josh Feldman & Britton Watkins.

    My Sabbath number is also 3. I once played live with Beau Sievers' punk band (as an ASL interpreter). Beau has played in a band that opened for Papa Roach, who have played with Sabbath on the festival circuit.

    So, I have Erdős-Bacon-Sabbath number 9 (3-3-3).